What is Euronet Platform ?

Medical residents and young specialising doctors are often willing to take part in research works and scientific papers. Though it is crucial for their curriculum, the lack of time, research partners and resources often prevent them to launch a project set-up or integrate international research teams. Euronet Platform is aiming to help these medical residents pooling their ideas on a european scale, which consequently will allow them to give their project a chance.

--> As a resident, you might need the opinion or help of a resident from another specialty to be able to realise your project! You might also need help from another country! Discussing protocoles, creating a survey, spreading the survey, analysing results, getting a second opinion, ... The possibilities with Euronet Platform are endless :) Get in touch with other residents and developp your project !

How does it work?

Any medical resident (whatever his specialisation is) will be able to register on the website and create their profile. Thanks to a tagging system, they will describe their skills (languages, speciality, education, interests…). Once registered, they will be able to submit their project and respond to others’ ads.

In the submission form, the medical resident will write a short description (without stating any health data), but also mention how many people and which skills they are looking for, still using the tagging system.

Then, the medical residents whose profile could match will be notified that a project might interest them. They can subsequently contact the person who submitted the ad and discuss about joining the team or not.

The full group will then be granted an access to a toolbox providing help to set up a crowdfunding or an association if planned. »