What is Euronet Platform ?

Medical residents and young specialising doctors are often willing to take part in research works and scientific papers. Though it is crucial for their curriculum, the lack of time, research partners and resources often prevent them to launch a project set-up or integrate

What is EuroNet MRPH ?

EuroNet MRPH is the European Network of Medical Residents in Public Health. It is a European association making the link between national associations of Public Health Residents through Europe. EuroNet MRPH has the threefold aim of connecting Public Health Residents in order to

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Public health promotion should be an absolute priority. By breaking the ice between medical residents and allowing them to create united research teams with complementary skills, Euronet Platform will give birth to a lot of work opportunities and as a consequence will widely promote


Euronet Platform is an innovative numeric tool that aims to give medical residents the extra help they need to launch and enhance their project, by pooling competences at a european scale, but also creating international research teams.  You’re a medical resident? Just click on « log in » and create your account ! Looking for more informations? Any technical issue? You're a journalist and want to contact us? You want to form a partnership? Click on the buttons on your right ! Thank you for visiting our website :)

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